I’ve been busy with working and learning. I installed Ubuntu to go through the Linux command line stuff for Learn Command Line the Hard Way. Don’t like using Ubuntu what so ever. I went to install Linux Mint over Ubuntu and wiped out my Windows 8 install. So after using Mint for a glitch filled week I installed Windows 7 and everything is working just fine.

Should I just get the money together and get a Macbook?

Completed up to Exercise 40 of Learn Python the Hard Way. 12 more exercises to go then Ill go back to JavaScript and Json.


2nd Post

9-11 screenshot

Currently on the 3rd day of my week long vacation. I completely Learning the Command Line the Hard Way using my $200dollar Windows 8 computer with Powershell. Currently going through Learning Python the Hardway. I’ve gotten to 56% complete with CodeAcademy’s Python tutorial and started doing the beginning exercises for Javascript.


First Post

Ive have been learning how to program for a month or two. Now I’m getting serious about after reading No Degree, No Problem by Josh Kemp. Ive been doing what I can to accelerate┬ámy learning. Ive currently been going through Become a Web Developer on UDemy. Its a good course. I wish you could adjust the speed of the videos like on Treehouse. Heres a picture of what I worked on today.

screen print 9-6Ryan