Notes notes notes…Github notes

If anyone is following along on this blog, I’m going to be using it as a notebook of sorts for my course at Thinkful. Heres a cheat sheet from their website I want to recall:

Git Cheatsheet

Use this cheatsheet as a reference for each of the steps in the basic git workflow.

How to commit your work for the first time in a new project:

  • Initialize a repository: type git init. Command line should say “Initialized empty Git repository”
  • Check the repository: type git status. It should show you the untracked files.
  • Save your progress: track the file by adding it using git add followed by each of the filenames, one at a time.
  • Check what has changed: type git status.
  • Commit the changes: type git commit -m "commit message"
  • Success! If you type git status You should see “nothing to commit, working directory clean”

Pushing your snapshot to Github:

  • Go to and create a new repository
  • Add GitHub repository as a remote branch: Use git remote add origin (follow Github’s instructions for this line)
  • Send changes to repository: type git push origin master to send your committed changes.
  • To pull from Github: Use the command git pull to keep your version up-to-date with the remote version

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