My name is Ryan DeSha and I currently live in Beaverton, OR with my dog Kiba and my cat Josie. I currently work as a utility line locator which I’ve had in one form or another for about 9 years.

I’m looking to get into a different career  and I’ve been good with computers all my life so it seemed simple enough to transition into programming. I originally was on the path of getting a bachelors in computer science from Portland State University but C++, Visual Studio and myself had too many problems to make it work beyond my B in my intro to computer science class.

I figure that learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and Python would be a good start before I go and waste more money on university. Which is a goal of mine by the way! I’ve been watching videos on YouTube and have been learning/practicing with CodeAcademy and Treehouse.

My current goals consist of:

  • Practicing HTML5 and CSS3
  • Mastering Javascript, JSON, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and Python
  • Getting a better job with room for growth and improvement.

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